Prakti Design follows up on its commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative

Prakti founder and CEO Dr Mouhsine Serrar was in Washington last week to attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Last year Prakti Design committed to creating an innovative and inclusive partnership to develop and distribute fuel-efficient and low polluting stoves in Haiti that would eliminate the use of charcoal as cooking fuel. These stoves would be scalable, and therefore impact a wide range of issues, including deforestation, health, poverty, global warming, and gender issues.

Mr. Clinton awarding Mouhsine during his keynote speech at CGI 2009

Prakti Design had been featured in Mr. Clinton’s keynote adress at CGI 2009, in which he underlined the tremendous social and environmental impact Prakti stoves will have in Haiti. To date Prakti stoves have been declared as best on the Haitian markets by third-party labs and implementers. Over 2,000 Leo Charcoal stoves and 100 Orka large-capacity stoves are currently being made by SkillMech for the World Food Program and the UN in Haiti. The Orka stoves run onrecycled briquettes made locally in Port-au-Prince and thus eliminate the need of charcoal as cooking fuel.


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