WFP, Haiti orders 400 additional Prakti Orka stoves

The World Food Program (WFP) in Haiti has ordered 400 additional Prakti Orka stoves for their school feeding program.  There are 100 Prakti Orka stoves currently in use in both urban and rural schools in Haiti.  Each stove feeds 150 children per meal.  Once the 400 stoves are in place within the next few months, Prakti Orka stoves will feed 75,000 children per meal.

The Prakti Orka stove is a multi-fuel institutional stove, able to burn wood, charcoal (with an optional module) and locally made briquettes made from waste materials.  The WFP school feeding program is using low-density, manually pressed briquettes as the primary fuel.  This not only saves precious environmental resources (wood and charcoal) but provides costs savings as well.  Pilot tests show that urban schools save the equivalent of U.S.$8.50 over the use of charcoal in traditional charcoal stoves and rural schools save the equivalent of U.S.$3.40 over the use of wood burned in traditional three-stone fires.