Secretary Clinton meets stove designers on visit to Chennai, India

“Traditional wood- and coal-burning stoves are a leading cause of death for women and children in India, killing nearly 500,000 people a year.”

Prakti Design was one of four key cookstove designers and manufacturers to demonstrate their cleaner, healthier cookstoves to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who took time out of her busy schedule to underscore her commitment to bring fuel-efficient cookstoves to developing countries. Clinton also used the visit to announce that two major Indian trade Federations, FICCI and CII, had pledged their support for the cookstove initiative.

Ms Clinton meets with Charlotte, Anandan and Mouhsine (photo: US Consulate, Chennai)

Prakti set up two displays for the event:  a Portable Emissions Monitoring System demonstration, as well as a full complement of stoves, including four household and two institutional stoves.  Two cooks were on hand to do a ‘live’ demonstration of Prakti stoves by cooking a meal.  The event was also the ‘world premier’ of Prakti’s latest design:  a water heater and space heater module.

Prakti would like to thank Secretary Clinton and the representatives of the U.S. government for the opportunity to participate in this event. Additional information on Secretary Clinton’s visit can be found on the US Consulate’s website.


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