Prakti Design is a Finalist in the “Unreasonable Marketplace”: Support Us!

Prakti needs your support!

Prakti is a finalist for a fellowship to attend the 2012 “Unreasonable Institute” – an amazing opportunity to build relationships with potential investors, foundations and other social entrepreneurs. To receive a fellowship, we need to show that people believe in our mission. It’s not so much about how much money we raise as about how many people support us. Thus, the first round of contributions are priced at $10

With your support, Prakti can continue to produce the world’s leading fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves, tangibly improving the health, livelihood and environment of the poorest one half of the world’s population.

Please “vote” for Prakti by making a $10 contribution at the Unreasonable Marketplace. You can find out more about what Prakti is currently doing as well as about the competition and institute at the Unreasonable Marketplace. We’d also love to have your help in spreading the word to your friends and family – please “share” this post.

We are deeply grateful for your donation and support.


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